Other Writing

Other Writing


“Evan Sitting in the Chair that Wraps Him” in the Texas Review (2019) (Print Only)

“When I’m Afraid With You,” “River,” “One Tool of Many,” “Spending,” and “An Illustration” in the Spoon River Poetry Review (2018)

"Chase Scene" at the Poetry Foundation for PoetryNow (2018)

"Radio y Laguito" and "Esponja" at Hinchas de Poesia (2018)

"All the Love Bush," "Fire Ants," and "Out of the Air" at the tiny (2018)

"Beaches" at Acentos Review (2018)

Excerpts from Losing Miami in Sinking City (2018)

"Lent" at Cosmonauts Avenue (2018)

Excerpt from Jazzercise is a Language in Lambda Literary Poetry Spotlight (2018)

"Lanes," "As Charo, I am Presented," and "Pepper Bag" at DREGINALD (2017)

Excerpt from Jazzercise is a Language in Theme Can 3 (2017)

Featured poet (8 pages of poems, audio recording, and interview) at Tenderloin (2017)

"Boo Hoo" in Resist Much / Obey Little Anthology (Print Only) (2017)

Excerpt from Losing Miami in Deluge (2017)

Excerpt from Jazzercise is a Language in Hold: a Journal, Vol 2: Kin (Print Only) (2017)

4 Poems from 'Yo' Quiere Decir Sunburn at The Wanderer (2017)

Excerpt from Jazzercise is a Language and "Jellyfish" at Ferrofluid Journal (2017)

"Fetishes" at The Found Poetry Review (2017)

"Footwork" and "Pulse" at Elderly (2016)

Excerpt from Jazzercise is a Language at Supplement (Print Only) (2016)

"Dream #6: Isaac" at Cartridge (2016)

"Body Found," "Houses," and "Unwind" at Elderly (2016)

"Fistfucking" at Bedfellows (2016)

"The Constancy of Disease" at the HIV Here and Now Project (2016)

"El Mito," excerpt from "Abrecaminos," and "First Clap" at Esferas (2015)

Excerpt from Jazzercise is a Language at Word Riot (2015)

"Limpias" at Open House (2015)

"Poem for Eleguá" and "That Should Feel Really Good" at TAGVVERK (2015)

"Any" at APIARY (2015)

"My Vegetable Love" at TINGE (2014)

"Suture," "Daily Horoscope," "Catch," "In Bed with Fred Phelps," and "Reaching" at Assaracus (Print Only) (2014)

"Our 7" at APIARY (2012)


PoemTalk #128 panelist on Sueyeun Juliette Lee’s “Daniel Dae Kim” and “Dear Margaret Cho” at Jacket2 (2018)

Dead Parents Society Podcast, Episode 3, featured guest (2018)

Dead Parents Society Podcast, Episode 1, panelist on Emily Harnett's essays on grief (2018)

Interview of Lauren Levin and Eric Sneathen at Jacket2 (2017)

PoemTalk #114 panelist on Claudia Rankine's Don't Let Me Be Lonely at Jacket2 (2017)

Conversation with Jai Arun Ravine at Drunken Boat (2016)

PoemTalk #94 panelist on CA Conrad's poetry at Jacket2 (2015)

Interview of Emji Spero at Jacket2 (2015)


Omnibus Review of three books by Lou Sullivan, Zach Ozma, and Oliver Baez Bendorf at The Chicago Review (2019)

Review of Uche Nduka’s Living in Public at Entropy (2018)

"Gustavo Ojeda and What He Made" for Institute of Contemporary Art Philly's Day Without Art Publication The Moon Will Sink Into the Street (2017)

Review of Mg Roberts's Anemal Uter Meck at Jacket2 (2017)

Review of Queer Necropolitics at The Journal of Modern Literature (2017)

Review of Chely Lima's Lo que les dijo el Licántropo / What the Werewolf Told Them at Entropy (2017)

"Splendor and Loving the Treadmill: Final Fantasy XV" at Permadeath Please (2017)

VICKS/VAPO/RUB/POETICS at Fanzine (2016)

"Every Poem I Write is About Ted Cruz" at LitHub (2016)

Review of Angel Dominguez's Black Lavender Milk at Jacket2 (2016)



 "Milk for Lulu with Child" at Gone Lawn (2013)

"Places to Walk Out To" at Cleaver (2013)



 Recorded readings and podcasts can be found at my PennSound page