"Yo" Quiere decir sunburn (2016)

Poems on anxious bilingualism. Designed, hand-set and letterpress printed by the author and Henry Steinberg, with the help and resources of the Kelly Writers House. Edition of 51. No longer available for purchase.


where everything is in halves (Be About It, 2015)

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Poems centering systems of grief in the virtual landscape of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Read a review by Jai Arun Ravine in the Poetry Project Newsletter. Cover art by Henry Steinberg.

"Here, Link's adventures on the sea seem to mimic "the small shaking nighttime" that forms an element of mourning, the dampness, the tossing in bed, the strangeness of open territory when a loved one has been lost. The landforms that Link explores are much like our banal and violent one, but in this book become a way of minimizing "that everything will kill us// for profit/ for margin" in our one....Ojeda-Sague's work in "Where Everything Is In Halves" will certainly find its very unique place in the literature of mourning, and we will all be the better for it."

- Ted Rees


nite [Chickadee]'s (GaussPDF, 2015)

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A collection of Cher's tweets on systematic racism and violence.

"Gabriel Ojeda-Sague’s Nite [chickadees] (GaussPDF, 2015) tracks socio-political turbulence in America through Twitter postings by Cher, interrupted by large emoticons — toying with camp and appropriation in a way that is both effective and affective; but also totally visual, with the heartbreak icon particularly jarring and surprisingly poignant after a childlike misspelling, “ERIC GARDNER.”"

- Felix Bernstein


JOGS (2013) 

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A re-writing of the 1977 book The Joy of Gay Sex.